Campus concert raises uproar over vulgar anti-police song

April 21, 2015 14:38
Sweat and Blood Attack sang a song full of foul language directed at the police during its performance at Lingnan University on Friday. Photo: YouTube

A band raised an uproar after it sang a song full of foul language directed at the police during its performance at Lingnan University recently, Sing Tao Daily reported on Tuesday.

Pro-Beijing newspapers including Tai Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po said the song by a group called Sweat and Blood Attack offended the public because it contained a lot of abusive language aimed at humiliating the police.

The song was part of the group's repertoire during a concert on the university campus on Friday night, and was widely circulated online.

A Lingnan University spokesperson stressed the group's members were not from the university, and the school administration will see to it that similar incidents do not happen again on campus.

The song was uploaded online, and had over 26,000 views as of Monday night.

Many netizens were offended by the song because of its use of abusive language, while others said the group was apparently just courting controversy to increase its popularity.

Retired police senior inspector Sin Chak-ching, representing the Alliance in Support of Our Police Force, wrote a letter to Lingnan University Vice-Chancellor Leonard Cheng, demanding that the students involved in the group be punished. 

Copies of the letter were sent to Police Commissioner Andy Tsang and Secretary for Education Eddie Ng.

In response, Cheng said he was shocked and disappointed by the highly abusive content of the performance and would not tolerate similar behavior in future campus activities.

Cheng stressed that the university respects the right of citizens to freely express their views and will not undertake any censorship before an event.

However, people must be responsible for their actions, he said.

Barrister Albert Luk said a person could be fined or jailed for up to 12 months if found guilty of disorderly conduct in public places, a violation of the Public Order Ordinance.

The Junior Police Officers Association said it was strange that such vulgar and tasteless shows are allowed to take place inside the campus of a prestigious university.

But the association said police morale will not be affected by childish antics by performers.

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