Lam to spearhead publicity campaign over political reform bill

April 22, 2015 13:06
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam is expected to oversee a large-scale campaign to ensure the passage of a bill related to Hong Kong's 2017 chief executive election. Photo: HKEJ

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, who has begun to read out details of the government's political reform proposal at the Legislative Council Wednesday, said ahead of her speech that the government will fight till the last minute to solicit support from the pan-democrats for passage of the bill. 

The administration will also kick off in the city a large-scale promotional campaign that will have the slogan "2017: Make it happen!" as the centerpiece, according to am730. 

Lam, together with Justice Secretary Rimsky Yuen and Constitutional Affairs Secretary Raymond Tam, has begun to present the government's electoral reform proposal at the Legco. Their speeches will be followedby a question-and-answer session.

The trio is scheduled to meet the press at 3:30 pm. After the media briefing, the officials could visit several districts right away to begin their lobbying efforts, sources told am730.

On Tuesday, Lam was quoted as saying that the pan-democrats were still taking a firm stance against the government’s proposal and that they plan to vote against any bills that are based on the ruling made by the National People’s Congress on August 31 last year.

The government is set to kick start its promotional efforts on Saturday, including a bus parade, according to the report. As part of the campaign, senior officials have been tasked with home visits and other promotional efforts at the district level, it said.

Executive Councilor Bernard Chan said he has yet to receive any invitation to assist in the government’s promotional drive.

He said he would be willing to help if asked.

Fellow Councilor Arthur Li said many Hong Kong people will feel frustrated if the government’s reform proposal is voted down. He urged voters to ponder whether the lawmakers who vote against the government proposal would be suitable to represent them in the future.

Meanwhile, Legco chairman Jasper Tsang revealed that he was asked by a high-level representative of the pan-democrats if a certain pan-democrat would be eligible to run for the chief executive job in 2017 under the government's framework.

Tsang said his answer had been that he doesn't believe the central government will want to screen out any person who is well supported by the public.

Tsang refused to comment when asked if the name put forward by the representative of the pan-democrats was Civic Party’s Audrey Eu, the report said.

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