At least eight arrested after fresh protests in Mong Kok

April 28, 2015 11:45
A protester is knocked down after allegedly being struck by a police baton in new clashes in Mong Kok. Photos: Apple Daily, Leung Kwok Hung's Facebook page

Police have taken some people into custody following violent demonstrations Sunday night in Mong Kok, which has been the scene of several anti-government and anti-mainlander protests in recent months.

At least eight protesters, aged between 28 and 68, have been arrested for allegedly assaulting police officers and obstructing their work. 

The arrests came after nearly 100 people staged a demonstration, blocking three south-bound traffic lanes on Nathan Road outside the Sino Centre, Apple Daily reported. 

Protesters turned angry as the police used pepper spray and other tactics to disperse the crowd.

Among the arrested was Wang Deng-yao, who is said to have taken part in pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing's Tiananmen Square 25 years ago.

The cases are being handled by the West Kowloon regional crime unit.

The police said three male and two female officers were injured in the clashes. 

By around 1 am Monday, some 200 protesters gathered outside the Mong Kok police station and demanded that the arrestees be released.

As some people tried to barge in to the station, police officers stood guard with shields and while some colleagues made video recordings.

By 2 am, protesters blocked vehicular access on Prince Edward Road West, using rubbish bins and other objects, forcing some cars to turn around.

A TVB news crew vehicle was surrounded by protesters and saw some water bottles being thrown at it.

The TV station condemned the attack, saying it constituted an assault on press freedom. The Hong Kong Journalists Association also slammed the violence against frontline journalists.

Some protesters regrouped in Mong Kok Monday night at around 9 pm, waving signs calling for genuine universal suffrage and denouncing Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, Justice Secretary Rimsky Yuen and Constitutional Affairs Secretary Raymond Tam for their role in promoting the government's political reform proposal.

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