Why many parents and children are no Facebook friends

April 29, 2015 12:42
This Facebook notification could be a friend's request from your mother. If you're a Hongkonger, you're very likely to ignore it, according statistics from the world's biggest social network. Photo: LinkedIn.com

Facebook-wise, young Hong Kong people are not terribly friendly to their mothers.

Only four in 10 mothers were Facebook friends with their children last year, Apple Daily reported Wednesday.

In Singapore, the figure is two in 10, according to statistics from Facebook Inc., whose 1.4 billion interrelated users make it the largest and friendliest online community on the planet.

But more than eight in 10 Taiwanese mothers and six in 10 Australian mothers are friends with their children.

Where Hong Kong Facebookers rack up good numbers is in the "loving your mother" department such as during Mother's Day.

Last year, the word “mother” was mentioned 95,000 times by Hong Kong Facebook users, more than double the number on normal days.

Flowers were the most popular gifts mentioned in posts, along with special gestures to recognize the hard work of mothers.

These included everything from dinners to sweet treats such as chocolates and cakes. Some children showed their appreciation to their mothers by giving them smartphones.

Still, many mothers feel shut out by their children who refuse to friend them.

Legislator Claudia Mo is one of them.

Mo said she is able to visit the pages of her sons, aged 28 and 30, to see what they're up to, but they are not Facebook friends.

Cecilia Ng, who runs a youth advice hotline for the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, said many children do not want to friend their parents because they're annoyed by their elders' snooping.

She said parents should not treat Facebook as a monitoring tool.

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