Coffee shop with no tables and chairs? You'd better believe it

May 04, 2015 13:09
Foreigners make themselves at home on the floor of the Prince Edward Pacific Coffee shop. Photo: internet

Pacific Coffee has been forced to remove tables and chairs in its Flower Market Street shop in Prince Edward, leaving surprised customers to ponder their drink on their feet or their behind.

The shop is frequented by flower lovers who also like its coffee but the government said having tables and chairs around is a breach of its license, Apple Daily reported Monday.

But not everyone is unsettled by the new arrangement.

Some customers said the shop is more spacious with no tables and chairs, adding most of those using them are not buying coffee anyway.

A few westerners showed they couldn't care less by making themselves comfortable on the floor.

And the coffee shop is getting suggestions it throw in floor cushions, the better to promote a relaxed atmosphere and encourage customer interaction.

The shop manager, surnamed Wong, said they received a notice from the government that their license categorizes the business as a food factory, not a restaurant or snack venue -- so no tables and chairs.  

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