More suspects nabbed in Bossini heiress kidnapping case

May 06, 2015 10:51
Police officers escort a suspect to a location Tuesday in a bid to reconstruct the crime scene related to the kidnapping of Queenie Law (inset). Photos: Reuters, CNSA

Mainland authorities have arrested five people in connection with the kidnapping-for-ransom of Bossini heiress Queenie Law, after Hong Kong police detained a suspect earlier in the week.

Cooperating with their Hong Kong counterparts, Guangdong police nabbed five persons -- two at a hotel in Shenzhen Monday morning and another three later in Dongguan.

But authorities believe that two gang leaders are still at large with HK$28 million (US$3.6 million) in ransom money, Apple Daily reported Wednesday, citing Hong Kong police sources.

Of the six who have been detained so far in Hong Kong and the mainland, four are believed to be directly involved in the kidnapping of Law while two are said to have played assisting roles.

The two gang leaders who are yet to be caught might be still holed up somewhere in Hong Kong, according to some police officials.

An intense manhunt is continuing. Meanwhile, the possibility is not ruled of a mastermind behind the kidnapping and subsequent release for ransom of Law.

A gang of six broke into a mansion in Clear Water Bay on the night of April 25 and fled with 29-year-old Queenie Law, the granddaughter of late tycoon Law Ting-pong who created the Bossini brand in 1987. She was later released unharmed on April 28 after the ransom was paid.

In the wee hours of Monday, Hong Kong police arrested a 29-year-old suspect named Zheng Xingwang as he was trying to cross the Lo Wu border checkpoint.

On Tuesday, Zheng was taken to a location in Ngau Chi Wan as police officers sought a reconstruction of the crime. The suspect was seen hooded, handcuffed and chained at the waist.

According to the police, most members of the gang were from Guizhou province. The gang is believed to have had broken into mansions in Hong Kong several times in the past in the quest for valuables.

The arraignment of Zheng is set to take place today at the Kwun Tong Magistrates' Court, while the five people detained across the border are expected to face trials in the mainland.

Zheng, married with an eight-month-old daughter, is from Niu Gong village in Guizhou, according to the Apple Daily report.

Villagers are said to have seen him wearing a 200,000 yuan (US$32,260) Rolex watch, with Zheng claiming that he earned lots of money in Hong Kong.

Zheng's brother is a policeman living in the same village where their parents also live. The family is said to have had a new villa worth 300,000 yuan built for them.

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