Charges dropped against two men in Occupy-related cases

May 07, 2015 14:42
Lee chin-hung and Yung Kin-wing (Inset, from left) have won relief after being accused of a confrontation with police officers during the Occupy movement last year. Photos: HKEJ, Apple Daily

Two men accused of obstructing police officers in their duties during the 2014 Occupy protests walked free from a court on Wednesday after the prosecutor dropped charges against them.

Authorities dropped the cases against Yung Kin-wing and Lee chin-hung after reviewing a video clip from an incident that took place in Mong Kok late last year, Apple Daily reported.

On December 1, when the police tried to clear the occupied streets in Mong Kok, Yung, 25, and his fiancé were crossing the intersection of Tung Choi Street and Argyle Street.

Police arrested Yung for ignoring a police officer’s advice to pass though quickly. Yung stood in the middle of the road for 10 seconds, in a show of defiance, prosecutors alleged.

Meanwhile, in a bid to protect Yung from arrest, Lee -- said to be a 29-year-old -- charged at the police, prosecutors said.

That led officers to take Lee also into custody and file charges for obstructing the police on duty. 

However, a video clip procured by Yung’s fiancé apparently provided no proof of the alleged misconduct.

In the video that was presented at the court, Yung could be seen walking across the street with a lot of people. They did not stay on the road, as was alleged.

Lee, meanwhile, was not near Yung’s side when he was arrested, contrary to what the police had suggested. 

After reviewing the footage, authorities eventually decided to drop the charges.

Yung expressed relief at the decision, saying that the original charges had been wrong and that he had received unfair treatment.

He said he was not a political activist and that he was in Mong Kok merely to buy a wedding ring for his fiancé. 

Lee, on his part, said he was in the area as a protester but denied that he had challenged the police.

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