Hong Kong police revise fitness tests for recruitment

May 07, 2015 15:19
Those who want to join the police force as constable or probationary inspector must pass four common tests. Photos: GovHK

The Hong Kong Police Force will implement new fitness tests for recruitment from October.

Under the revised fitness standards, those who want to join the police force as constable or probationary inspector need to pass four common tests, namely the 800-meter run, shuttle-run (4x10 meters), vertical jump and power grasp, Ming Pao Daily reported on Thursday. 

The new requirements will have a trial period of one year. Details will be released online.

At present, applicants for the position of police constable must pass three tests -- vertical jump, pull-up and shuttle-run (10x10 meters). For probationary inspector, one should pass the three tests plus sit-ups, squat-thrusts and the 800-meter run.

A police spokesman said physical tests for recruitment, which have been in place since the 1980s, are reviewed from time to time.

The new sets of tests were based on a proposal by a third-party institution that was commissioned by the police to conduct a study.

Lobo Louie Hung-tak, an associate professor of physical education at the Hong Kong Baptist University, said while the changes could save test time and resources, the new tests leave room for applicants to resort to trickery, such as focusing their training on power grasps in order to pass.

Legislator James To Kun-sun questioned the principle behind the changes, saying it might be due to the fact that younger generations tend to do less exercise nowadays and therefore the police must adjust the requirements to cope with the situation.

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