Mainlander accused of trying to break into tycoon's home freed

May 08, 2015 12:09
The mainlander said he went to the home of Li Ka-shing (inset) because a voice told him he was the tycoon's grandson. Photos: HKEJ, Sing Pao

An unemployed mainlander accused of trying to break into the mansion of billionaire Li Ka-shing last month was freed on Thursday after the prosecutor dropped charges against him because of insufficient evidence, Ming Pao Daily reported Friday.

The court earlier heard that Meng Hongwei, who entered Hong Kong on April 3, appeared in front of the mansion late at night and told security guards he wanted to meet the Hong Kong tycoon.

After his request was refused, Meng remained near the mansion for about seven hours, walking around the perimeter before trying to climb the fence, according to the prosecution.

Security guards then reported to the police and had him arrested. The police did not find any burglary tool on him.

Meng was charged with attempted burglary, entering Hong Kong unlawfully and staying in the city without authority from the immigration director.

The mainlander said he went to Li's house because he heard a voice in his head telling him that he was Li's grandson.

He also said he had entered the city on a two-way permit, which he threw away after arrival because he did not want to return to the mainland.

A police check with the Immigration Department's records showed that Meng did have a valid two-way permit and therefore withdrew the charge of illegal entry.

The charge of attempted burglary was also dropped after the magistrate questioned whether Meng was only found wandering outside the mansion.

As Meng's two-way permit was only valid for seven days and had expired, police and immigration authorities promised to make the necessary arrangements after his release, the report said.

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