Only normal for mother to help choose wife for son: Lawmaker

May 08, 2015 14:34
Ng Leung-sing (inset) invokes thousands of years of Chinese tradition to suggest that the motherland has the right to help Hongkongers with the choice of their leader. Photos: CNSA,

It is only normal that mothers help sons choose their wives, lawmaker Ng Leung-sing said during a Legislative Council meeting, Ming Pao Daily reported Friday.

Ng was commenting Thursday on a metaphor a member of the public used during a visit Executive Council member Bernard Chan paid last week to a local Chinese restaurant to promote the government’s electoral reform proposal.

The resident asked Chan if he would accept a woman chosen by Beijing to be his wife, suggesting that Hong Kong would be placed in a similar position if the proposal is passed and the Chinese government decides who is suitable to be a candidate for chief executive in 2017.

Chan replied that he would look at it as his mother helping him choose a woman to marry.

Ng lauded his reply, saying it means Chan trusts the central government and sees Beijing as his mother, which is the complete opposite from the standpoint of the pan-democrats.

The lawmaker went on to say that there is nothing wrong for a mother to help her son choose a wife, and it was a tradition that had lasted thousands of years, the newspaper said.

Ng also complimented Ko Wing-man, the secretary for food and environmental hygiene, for his emotional debate with a resident on a similar visit, saying Ko did not fear a debate and stood by his principles.

Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, the secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs, denied Thursday that senior government officials have ceased their district visits, saying they will reach out to people in various ways, the report said.

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