Quarry Bay rain shelters draw flak from netizens

May 08, 2015 15:12
The new rain shelters in Quarry Bay could hardly serve the purpose for which they were constructed; DAB's Eastern District Councilor Eddie Ting posted a notice (inset) about the relocation of the rain shelters. Photo: Facebook

Two new rain shelters on Hoi Tai Street in Quarry Bay have become objects of ridicule because they could hardly serve the purpose for which they were constructed.

Discussions on local online forums point out that the broad base of the structures has effectively taken up 70 percent of the useable space, making them ineffective for sheltering pedestrians from the rain, news website Stand News reported Thursday.

The two shelters, proposed by Eastern District Councilor Eddie Ting of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) back in 2013, were first estimated to cost HK$330,000, but only HK$210,000 was allocated by the district council.

The structures were originally intended for bus stops in front of 991 King’s Road, but since the street is deemed too narrow for the purpose, they were relocated to Hoi Tai Street, where vehicular traffic is less busy.

Ting explained that the original proposal for the foundation was rejected as it might damage public facilities and the drainage underground. The design was revised to have a broader base to make them more stable.

Ting had reportedly proposed to put seats under the shelters, which would have taken up more of the limited space.

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