PLA truck towed by Japanese-branded wrecker

May 13, 2015 18:46
A People's Liberation Army truck is about to be towed by a Japanese wrecker after it broke down on Nathan Road in Jordan. Photo: Galileo Cheng

A made-in-China People's Liberation Army truck was seen being towed by a white Japanese wrecker after it broke down on Jordan Road.

The PLA truck was reportedly a product of Chinese automobile maker Dongfeng Motor while the Japanese vehicle carried the Isuzu brand.

The picture was uploaded on Twitter by Galileo Cheng on Wednesday with the title “Dongfeng loses to Isuzu”.

The picture shows a man in military uniform crouching under the PLA truck, apparently checking the bottom of the vehicle.

Is there some symbolism in this picture?

Well, some netizens remark that Chinese “patriots” will feel sad to see the photo as it may remind them of the Japanese invasion of China.

But some say the picture offers no meaning other than the Chinese truck broke down and needed to be towed, while others note that even the Isuzu vehicle was probably manufactured in China.

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