Govt criticized for setting low target for reduction in energy

May 15, 2015 12:39
Yeung Man-yau (left) says the target set by Wong Kam-sing (right) for reduction in energy use
is too low.  Photo:HKEJ

An environmental group has criticized the government for setting too low a target for the reduction of energy use, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported Friday.

The government said Thursday it will seek to lower the city's energy intensity in 2025 by 40 percent from the level in 2005.

Energy intensity is a measure of energy usage that is used by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Hong Kong adopted it in 2007.

But Greenpeace campaigner Yeung Man-yau said that since energy intensity will have fallen 25 percent from the 2005 level by next year, the government's target means Hong Kong only has to further cut its energy intensity by 15 percent of the 2005 level over the next decade.

And given continuous growth in the economy, which will help lower energy intensity, the city will actually consume only 6 percent less energy by 2025 than in 2012, Greenpeace said. 

The government is only playing tricks with figures, Yeung said.

The city's per capita consumption of energy rose 26.1 percent during the 1990s and 9.2 percent in the first 10 years of the 21st century.

Secretary for Environment Wong Kam-sing said he expects Hong Kong to be able to reduce its consumption of electricity by 1.87 billion units each year through such means as including more energy-saving features in buildings.

Yeung urged the government to legislate that the city shall cut its energy consumption by 2 percent every year and require all buildings to disclose their energy usage to force improvements in efficiency.

Translation by Vey Wong

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