16% of Hong Kong job seekers embellish resumes: survey

May 15, 2015 13:28
Many job applicants manage to get away with fraudulent resumes because employers are lax in their screening procedures. Photos: HKEJ, Imgarcade.com

Some 16 percent of job seekers in Hong Kong embellish their resumes, ranking them third in the Asia-Pacific region with the highest proportion of fraudulent employment application documents, Sky Post reported on Friday, citing a survey.

Australia and New Zealand have the highest number of job seekers in the region who offer fraudulent resumes with 26.9 percent, followed by Singapore with 18.88 percent and Hong Kong with 16.38 percent, according to a survey conducted by First Advantage Corporation, a company that helps employers screen job applicants.

Mainland job seekers are deemed the most honest with only 9.17 percent of them embellishing their resumes, the survey conducted in 2014 among two million respondents showed.

Alexa Chow Yee-ping, managing director of AMAC Human Resources Consultants Limited, said most companies adopt stringent procedures in tracking and screening candidates for top management positions, but are less rigorous in checking the backgrounds of applicants for sales and clerical jobs, usually requiring them to only submit their diplomas and tax certificates.

Chow said many job applicants manage to get away with misrepresentation because employers are lax in their screening procedures.

She cited the case of a job seeker who was hired as an accountant after claiming he had a bachelor's degree from a British university.

However, his employer later doubted his credentials because of his poor performance on the job and an inquiry showed that he was not a graduate of that university.

Peter Yu, director of human resources consultant Randstad, suggests that employers check candidates’ resumes through multiple channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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