Driver leaves notes to police to avoid parking ticket

May 19, 2015 16:16
Notes (inset) left by a lorry driver on his truck's windshield are doing the rounds of social media, drawing.mixed reactions from netizens. Photo: HKEJ, Sing Tao Daily

If an honest-to-goodness plea to the police won't work, perhaps a breakdown of his financial difficulties will move them.

A lorry driver apparently thinks that is the best way to handle parking violations.

The man, who calls himself Yin Jai, placed notes on his truck's windshield in which he pleads for leniency from the police and says he is desperate and ready to commit suicide, Headline Daily reported Tuesday.

Pictures of the notes went viral after they were uploaded on the internet.

The notes break down his monthly family expenses -- HK$3,000 for meals, HK$1,300 for rent and HK$500 for electricity -- out of his salary of HK$8,000.

These come on top of his financial support for his mother and a sister.

Yin Jai left his mobile number on the notes, asking anyone to call him if his lorry is blocking the way.

The report did not say if he owed any parking fines or if this was an ongoing problem.

Reactions from netizens were mixed.

Some agreed with him, saying parking fees are high, forcing drivers to park in the street.

Others accused him of abusing people's sympathies and setting a bad example.

One netizen said traffic would be a mess if all drivers parked anywhere they liked after leaving a note to the police.

Senior barrister Albert Luk said the notes are not threatening, so the driver is not committing criminal intimidation.

However, he could face a charge of perverting the course of justice if he made false claims, especially about committing suicide.

Police sources said frontline officers will issue tickets based on the traffic violation, not on the offender's state of mind.

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