Mandy the new mom and the making of a sensational magazine cover

May 28, 2015 15:09
Mandy Lieu (left) has just given birth to a baby girl by Macau tycoon Chau Cheok-wah (inset). Meanwhile, Chau's wife, Heidi Chan (right), is due to give birth to the couple's second child on Saturday. Photos: Next Magazine, Metro Daily

Like her or hate her, you can't ignore Mandy Lieu.

The Malaysian Chinese model is great copy for Next Magazine, which she seems to favor with tantalizing details about her tantalizing love life.

That's what many people think given the enormous amount of real estate given over to stories about her by the magazine.

It's said that hits shoot through the roof whenever anything about her shows up on its website.

So, it's not surprising that Lieu is creating plenty of buzz after she made the cover of the magazine's entertainment section on Wednesday.

Who isn't intrigued by celebrity affairs? How about love triangles?

Readers are lapping up the latest installment of her personal saga after she gave birth to a child by Chau Cheok-wa, her Macau tycoon boyfriend.

The child was born in London on May 20, also known in Chinese romantic circles as an "I love you" day from its mandarin translation. 

On Saturday, Chau's wife, Heidi Chan, is due to give birth to their second child.

That makes Chau one of a very few men to have two children from two different mothers within two weeks of each other. He has another child with his former wife.

But he is not unique. A certain legendary Macau tycoon has four wives and 17 children.

Still, Chau is not out of his depths.

As chairman of property developer Sun Century Group, he moves among the rich, famous and beautiful.

We should also mention that he owns mineral exploration group Sun International Resources and a slew of online game businesses.

The timing of his double fatherhood was made for television, so to speak.   

After Lieu landed the Next Magazine cover, Chan took to Facebook to make a generic comment which could also have been directed at her rival.

“I don’t like to fight with others for anything," she wrote, cryptically adding: "If you like, take it away -- if you can.”

Later, Chan told Apple Daily she'd rather keep family matters in the family and not put them out for public discussion.

Lieu's romance with Chau came to light in August last year when they were pictured in a cuddly pose on a Next Magazine cover. (It was so cozy some people said she looked like a human cushion for Chau.)

It sparked all kinds of conjecture, spiced up by occasional dribs and drabs which could only have come from an insider.

Actor Chapman To wondered if Lieu might have been the source of the leaks given their remarkable detail. 

Until now, however, it's a mystery how Lieu managed to hide her pregnancy from the public given her constant media exposure.

There were unconfirmed stories about the pregnancy but no baby bump to prove them.

And there was endless gossip about who the father might be.

The pregnancy came around the time she and Chau were reported to have broken up after he allegedly complained about the barrage of media attention.

Lieu became a lightning rod for gossip after reports she had acquired a HK$91 million flat in Swire Properties’ Argenta luxury apartments.

Chau was immediately linked to the purchase.   

As it turns out, reports of the break-up were, well, grossly exaggerated.

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