China fugitive held by US for possible extradition

May 29, 2015 08:26
Yang Xiuzhu is at the top of a list of economic fugitives wanted by China’s anti-corruption watchdog. Photo: Internet

A Chinese fugitive wanted by Beijing on suspicion of corruption is being held by United States authorities for possible deportation.

Yang Xiuzhu, is being held at a New Jersey county detention facility on visa-related violations, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing spokesman Luis M. Martinez.

It is the latest sign of cooperation between the US and China on cross-border crime.

The two countries have been working behind the scenes to strengthen joint law enforcement measures.

Yang was arrested in June just months before Beijing said it considers the fugitive issue a top diplomatic priority in line with a crackdown on domestic corruption.

It was not clear whether Yang has a lawyer. She could not be reached to comment.

China’s anti-corruption agency has put Yang at the top of a list of its most wanted economic fugitives.

Yang, a former construction bureau official from the eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou, fled China in early 2003 after accumulating US$39 million in illegal income, according to Chinese authorities.

They said she used a false name to enter Singapore and the US.

The Interpol website says she speaks Chinese, English and Russian.

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