One more legislator not voting for election proposal

June 03, 2015 19:17
Leung Ka-lau says he is not seeking a perfect election framework, only an improved version of the proposal. Photo: RTHK

Another lawmaker is not supporting the government's election reform proposal, saying it has "unresolved defects".

Leung Ka-lau, who represents the medical sector, told public broadcaster RTHK Wednesday that he will support the proposal only if the government can prove these defects don't exist.

Leung was referring to a provision that allows a member of the nominating panel to pick three candidates.

"They could pick two weak candidates to boost the chances of the one they like," Leung said. 

On Monday, moderate democrats Ronny Tong and Frederick Fung said they will not support the proposal. 

Leung said he had raised his concerns with officials from Beijing and the Hong Kong government but no one could give him an answer.

He said an open and transparent nomination process is more important than a direct vote by universal suffrage.

Leung said he is not seeking a perfect framework for the 2017 chief executive election, only an improved version of the proposal.

The government said on Tuesday that it will send the election bill to the Legislative Council on June 17 and expects lawmakers to vote on it shortly after. 

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