Here's why fans are fussing about Louisa Mak

June 15, 2015 17:57
Louisa Mak joined the Massmutal Jr. Space Camp Program in 2004. She is shown with her 10 As in the 2009 public examination (middle picture) and as a candidate for Miss Hong Kong. Photos: Apple Daily, TVB

It's said that beauty and brains don't often go together.

That's why those who possess those qualities are celebrated or disparaged by lesser mortals, depending on their point of view.

Is that also why politicians usually don't look good on TV and good-looking people would not go into politics?

We will let you decide, but the point of this long-winded intro is really to get us into a discussion about the upcoming Miss Hong Kong pageant.

And the reason we're doing it is because of the buzz around a certain Louisa Mak Ming-sze (麥明詩).

The Cambridge law graduate and straight A student (she reportedly got 10 straight As on her school cert five years ago) is being touted as the next Miss Hong Kong by fans who have already prejudged the contest.

Mak made her public debut during the pageant's preliminaries. A Facebook fan page launched yesterday has 3,500 likes and counting.

Her natural good looks are drawing comparisons with a younger Charlie Young.

And with her credentials, Mak could land whatever gig she wants. But why a TVB beauty contest?

Since TVB launched the pageant in 1973, it has been known mainly for discovering beauties, many of whom have gone on to become celebrities.

But rarely has it been a showcase of beauty and brains, so it's something of a big deal when someone like Mak comes along. 

Amy Kwok Ho-ming, who was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1991, has a master's degree in engineering from the University of Southern California.

She turned down a job offer from NASA for an acting career in Hong Kong, according to her husband, award-winning actor Lau Ching-wan.

Maggie Cheung Man-yuk and Loretta Chu Ling-ling are non-university graduates but both saw an opportunity in the Miss Hong Kong contest.

Cheung became a successful actress and Chu married well.

Mak comes with a remarkable family background.

Her father is a secondary school vice principal and her mother is an occupational therapist. Her brother is also an outstanding student.

And she is in good company. Former Chief Justice Wong Yan-lung also graduated from Cambridge.

Former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa went to Liverpool and CY Leung to Hong Kong Polytechnic to study surveying. Donald Tsang does not have a bachelor's degree.

A Diocesan girls' school graduate, Mak took ballet and singing lessons at a young age before leaving for Britain to study in Cambridge.

When she was interviewed for her school cert, she said she wanted to join the government and hoped to be chief justice, even chief executive, someday.

Mak admires Civic Party's Audrey Yu and Margaret Ng and thinks Hong Kong deserves universal suffrage.

We wonder why Hong Kong does not have enough people like Mak, so that if one decides to go into the movies, another can go into politics and another into the judiciary.

Then again, after Chief Secretary Carrie Lam admitted she could only afford a flat in the New Territories, we can understand why any woman would want to be a beauty queen -- many of them live on the Peak.

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