TVB footage of 'police beating protester' wins journalism award

June 23, 2015 19:11
Keith Yuen Chi-wai (inset) ordered the original voice-over report to be edited. Photos: TVB, HKEJ

TVB, Hong Kong’s largest television broadcaster, has won another broadcast journalism award for its exclusive news video footage of police officers apparently beating a pro-democracy protester during last year's Occupy Movement.

Titled "Suspected Police Brutality Against Occupy Central Movement’s Protester”, the video clip was chosen as the Best TV news item at the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival, according to the broadcaster.

In April this year, the same video won an award in the hard news category at the 2015 Edward E. Murrow Awards.

On the latest award, TVB said the video won against other entries, including those from Britain's BBC and Canada's CBC, in view of its "comprehensive, objective and professional" report.

The winning video generated controversy when it was broadcast at the height of the Occupy protests last October after the original voice-over report, which said "the protester was kicked and beaten by the police”, was cut on the order of news director Keith Yuen Chi-wai.

Fifty-eight assignment editors, anchors and reporters from the television station issued a joint statement expressing their displeasure over the news management’s decision to edit the video report on the Oct. 15 incident.

Yuen’s action also led some TVB reporters to quit their jobs, including the reporter who did the voice-over.

TVB assistant news director Wong Suk-ming, who supported Yuen's move to edit the voice-over report, received the award in Monaco.

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