Police slammed over handling of assault on Mong Kok protester

June 30, 2015 15:54
Leung (inset) shows injuries to his back. An unnamed man apparently attacks Leung in front of policemen. Photos: Reuters, Apple Daily

Hong Kong police are under fire over their handling of an assault by a pro-Beijing demonstrator on a localist protester during an anti-China rally in Mong Kok on Sunday night.

A protester, who gave his name as Sunny, said he saw his friend being attacked by a group of nine people in the street.

The victim, surnamed Leung, was punched several times and dragged before he managed to escape, Sunny was quoted as saying by Apple Daily.

Camera footage shows a man being pursued by two people after police separated them.

Also, news photos show injuries to Leung's back. 

However, the officers made no arrests in the incident, angering protesters.

They were demonstrating against street singing and dancing by a group of women suspected to be mainlanders.

Things began to get out of hand when pro-Beijing supporters showed up and exchanged taunts with the localists.

The heckling escalated into clashes, with the police moving in, armed with truncheons and pepper spray.

Apple Daily is reporting that suspected triads were among a group that instigated the violence.

They were earlier seen with pro-Beijing groups led by I Care Action.

Sources said troublemakers might have been hired to provoke the localists into a fight, hoping they will be detained and forced to miss a planned July 1 rally.

Meanwhile, a group of demonstrators protested the arrest of a man and a woman from their group.

Icarus Wong of Hong Kong Civil Rights Observer said officers used pepper spray on the protesters without warning.

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Police use pepper spray (left photo) and hit a woman in the head (right). Photo: Lostdutch/Youtube