Group plans protest over streetside acts by mainland 'dama'

July 07, 2015 10:48
Chinese dama have been accused of "unacceptable behavior" as they hold song and dance performances in public places in Hong Kong. Photo: Facebook

A localist group in Hong Kong has urged its supporters to gather at Tuen Mun Town Park on July 11 for a "face off" with some mainland "dama", or middle-aged women, who are accused of engaging in unacceptable behavior as they hold song and dance performances on busy streets.

One of the organizers of the protest, who identified himself as Ah-Man, said on the group’s Facebook page that the gathering will be held between 2pm to 6pm on Saturday.

Several dozen people have already signed up for the protest, Ming Pao News reported.

According to Ah-Man, his group aims to tackle the problem at the root, as the middle-aged women who perform regularly at a Mongkok pedestrian area are residing in Tuen Mun.

Ah-Man said he has seen some of these women collect money from onlookers and also flirt with men nearby. The women's behavior is morally unacceptable, he said.

Complaints to the government's Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the police have gone unanswered, he said.

He believes that at least 200 people will show up for the planned Tuen Mun protest.

The police, meanwhile, said that they will monitor the situation and take action, if necessary. They called on the organizer to get in touch with them to ensure that the demonstration is held in a peaceful and orderly way.

It is believed that the damas, who are 40 years in age on average, could be making several hundred dollars a day by performing in public places and parks to audiences largely made up of seniors, Apple Daily said.

Ah-Ying, one of the leaders of the singing groups, defended their actions, saying that they were singing as a hobby and that they have never solicited tips from their audience.

"People point a finger at us just because we are immigrants from the mainland," Ah-Ying said.

On July 1, the police stationed more than a hundred officers in Mongkok after anti-mainland activists threatened to disrupt a "street concert".

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