HK police probe bogus plastic surgeries in luxury hotel rooms

July 08, 2015 11:07
A mainlander receives beauty-enhancing treatment inside her hotel room. The treatment includes injections of botox and hormones. Photos: Apple Daily

Hong Kong police have launched an investigation into an Apple Daily report that a Shenzhen-based syndicate is sending rich mainland women to the territory for plastic surgery in five-star hotel rooms. 

The lucrative business of a company called Boka International Group was revealed by the newspaper following a two-month undercover operation by its reporters.

According to the report, the group promoted cosmetic surgery tours to Hong Kong by throwing parties in several affluent mainland cities to attract rich women, including officials' wives and prominent businesswomen.

The group, said to have been established in Hong Kong in 2005, claims to own five hospitals staffed by domestic and foreign medical experts.

Women who signed up for the five-day tour paid HK$38,000 (US$4,900) each.

The guests were booked at a five-star hotel. During the first two days, they were toured around the city, including a night cruise at Victoria Harbour where male escorts were assigned to them.

On the third day, their hotel rooms were turned into operating clinics where mainlanders, pretending to be Hong Kong doctors and medical staff, performed cosmetic surgeries on them.

The procedures were performed on the nose, forehead and jaw, the report said.

Aside from the surgeries, the "medical staff" also offered beauty-enhancing treatments and injections, including botox, hyaluronic acid, hormones and even fresh cells which cost as much as 648,000 yuan each.

As a result, the female customers ended up paying millions of yuan in their desire to look younger, the newspaper said.

The group was said to be arranging at least eight such tours each month with 30 participating in each tour, suggesting that it could rake in more than HK$9 million a month from tour fees alone.

The crime unit of the Kowloon East Regional Headquarters is following up on the case. No arrest has been made yet.

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