Tutorial school CEO under fire over mock Islamic State photo

July 08, 2015 16:08
A mock picture of Islamic State extremists holding their captives (inset) is assailed by netizens after it was posted on social media. One of the actors is the CEO of King’s Glory Educational Center. Photos: Facebook

The chief executive of an educational company found himself in hot water after he was seen in a mock picture of Islamic State extremists holding several hostages that was posted on social media, Apple Daily reported on Wednesday.

In the picture uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, Thomas Yan, CEO of King’s Glory Educational Center, is seen kneeling down with two colleagues as if they were being held captive by four masked jihadists.

The pictured was taken near the Yellow River in Qinghai province, where he was taking part in a charity walk from Xunhua to Xining.

The picture was uploaded on Tuesday, the fourth day of the journey, with the caption “We met IS at Yellow River” followed by three laughing emojis.

Netizens were quick to hit out at the post, branding it as an insensitive joke. They said it was highly disrespectful to families left behind by victims of Islamic State extremists.

As education professionals, Yan and his team should never have participated in something as silly, the netizens said. Glory Educational Center runs several private tutorial schools in Hong Kong.

One netizen said Yan and his colleagues were acting like terrorists themselves for their gross insensitivity.

The picture was taken off later in the day. Yan or other officials of the company were not immediately available for comment.

The case came shortly after six British employees of banking giant HSBC were fired after taking part in a mock video of an Islamic State execution during a company team-building program.

HSBC UK had to issue an official apology for "abhorrent video".

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