Kerry: We can't be rushed on Iran nuclear deal

July 10, 2015 09:52
John Kerry says the Iran nuclear talks are now too technical to be rushed, adding the stakes are very high. Photo: Reuters

United States Secretary of State John Kerry wants negotiators to take as much time as as they need to hammer out a nuclear deal with Iran.

“We are here because we believe we are making real progress toward a comprehensive deal,” Kerry was quoted as saying by the Wall Street Journal.

He said the panel, already working past Tuesday's deadline, "shouldn’t get up and leave simply because the clock strikes midnight".

"Given that the work here is incredibly technical and that the stakes are very, very high, we will not rush and we will not be rushed.”

The delay gives the US Congress more time to pick apart any deal.

In April, it passed legislation that gives it an extra 60 days from the the previous 30 to review a final nuclear deal between Iran and the group of six powers if the agreement is not completed by 12:01 a.m. on Friday in Washington.

US officials have said they are more focused on getting the deal right than trying to meet Congress’ deadline.

However, senior diplomats from both sides said the extra month of debate in Washington could allow skeptical lawmakers to galvanize opposition to a deal in the US and abroad.

Since Tuesday, there has been no formal deadline at the talks but foreign ministers said then they hoped to complete them within a couple of days.

Kerry’s remarks suggested the negotiations could continue for days.

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