Youth satisfaction levels over government down sharply: survey

July 14, 2015 12:42
The government's poor response to pro-democracy protests contributed to a sharp rise in dissatisfaction levels among Hong Kong youth. Photo: Reuters

Satisfaction levels among Hong Kong youth over the government's performance have dropped sharply over the past year, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Among the 28 indicators covered in the Youth Quality of Life Index from the Chinese University's Centre for Quality of Life, the index on government performance evaluation saw the biggest fall -- 18.08 percent -- compared to the previous year.

The index was compiled based on interviews with over 1,000 young people aged between 15 and 24.

A sub-index of "perceived impact on policy" and "satisfaction with youth policy" saw scores drop by 4.05 percent and 4.18 percent respectively, Ming Pao reported.

Wong Hung, director of the Centre for Quality of Life, was quoted as saying that young people made the evaluation based on the government's record in relation to the Occupy movement and a poverty alleviation campaign.

The government can't govern well without securing the support of the younger generation, he said.

In the domain of economics, the index of current economic conditions was up 8 percent, but the score on youngsters' perceived development opportunity was down 1.77 percent.

The figures suggest that more young people are getting frustrated about their prospects amid a growing wealth gap.

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