Trump: I'm the US$10 bln man, believe it or not

July 16, 2015 09:30
Donald Trump says he is so rich campaign finance watchdogs are struggling to deal with his fortune. Photo: Bloomberg

Donald Trump is claiming a fortune of US$10 billion in official disclosures by his White House campaign.

The Republican presidential candidate and real estate magnate said his net worth had grown since his last claim of nearly US$9 billion in June when he announced his candidacy.

Campaign finance watchdogs are struggling to deal with someone as rich as he is, Trump was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Trump has been criticized for statements he has made in recent weeks, notably on immigration in which he claimed Mexican immigrants are rapists.

Major companies subsequently cut ties to him but he has nevertheless surged in the polls.

In the latest poll by Suffolk University/USA TODAY, Trump took the top spot in the Republican field, ahead of former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Trump's net worth has been a source of speculation -- and contention -- for years.

He once sued an author for putting his wealth much lower. Trump lost the case

Federal election filings only require a rough estimate of a candidate's finances and the range is too wide to reflect the actual figures 

Forbes magazine, which closely tracks his finances, says Trump has hugely exaggerated his net worth, putting the figure on Wednesday at US$4 billion.

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