Mainland tourist trapped by tour bus while walking along railing

July 24, 2015 14:53
Mainland tourists rush to the aid of the trapped woman (inset) on the sidewalk along Sung On Street.   
Photos: Google Maps, Apple Daily

A mainland tourist is in serious condition after her tour bus pinned her against a metal roadside railing, Sing Tao Daily reported Friday.

The accident took place on Sung On Street in Hung Hom not long after 9 a.m. Thursday.

The bus was about to leave after dropping off a group of tourists from Liaoning province.

The 41-year-old woman, surnamed Wan, got off the coach with dozens of other members of the group.

As there was no pedestrian crossing nearby, they walked on the sidewalk along the railing, on the side facing the road.

As the bus pulled away from the kerb, turning right to get to the middle of the road, Wan was trapped between the vehicle's rear section and the metal railing.

After seeing she was unable to move, other members of the group tried to pull her out but were unsuccessful.

They managed to pull back the bars of the railing slightly to ease her pain before paramedics arrived and freed her.

Wan was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital with serious injuries to her legs, waist and pelvis.

Her fellow tourists continued their trip.

A front-line paramedic said it was unwise for her companions to try to pull her out, as her bones might have been broken and any subsequent movement might have caused more serious trauma.

Police are investigating the case, categorizing it as a traffic accident with injured person.

Lawyer Daniel Wong Kwok-tung was quoted as saying the 36-year-old bus driver may be prosecuted for careless driving and the injured woman may seek compensation from him in civil litigation.

Wong said it is the responsibility of drivers to check road conditions and to make sure pedestrians are safe, unless the pedestrians themselves rush out onto the road.

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