How facekini is winning the hearts of Hong Kong beachgoers

July 29, 2015 18:09
Facekini is really what you make it. To some sun worshippers, it looks like the perfect beach accessory. To others, it looks like a bank robber's mask. Photos: HKEJ, Headline Daily

If these were not in rainbow colors instead of black or if they came with assault gear, they might be mistaken for a terrorist mask.

But they're nowhere close and they even have a name -- facekini.

It's the latest fashion accessory for beachgoers who neither want to flaunt their body nor expose their face to the sun.

Facekini is attracting a growing following in Hong Kong after it made the rounds of social media, lighting up discussion forums.

Headline Daily is reporting that the chic facial accessory is popping up in popular beaches including Repulse Bay Beach, Deep Water Bay and Stanley Main Beach.  

Mostly, they're a hit with older women.

One was seen without a care in the world as she lounged face up on a floater. 

Another leisurely swam the backstroke, certain that her face was safe from the sun.

A 53-year-old woman, surnamed Tsang, said she was wearing a self-made facekini stitched together from an old swimming cap.

Did she think she stuck out like a sore thumb?

Not at all, she said, adding everybody else had a facekini on.

A 40-year-old dermatologist, surnamed Yu, said he started using a facekini after his face became too tanned.

He said the mask protects him from ultraviolet light which could cause freckles and facial wrinkles and speed up aging.

Seeing others in a facekini, with nothing but the eyes showing, doesn't bother him.

Neither does it make a 77-year-old woman, surnamed Lau, feel out of whack.

She said she is perfectly comfortable in a facekini even if younger people sometimes tease her for looking like a bank robber.

Another woman, surnamed Chan, said she has learned to put up with jokes about how she looks in it because the facekini serves a purpose.

It had to be useful -- even fashionable -- or it would not have earned a feature on the French fashion magazine CR Fashion Book.

Then again, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

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