Tiger Mom unmoved as little girl bows down to say sorry

July 31, 2015 12:01
The child kneels and bows down to a woman, apparently her mother, who continues to berate her, outside the Tai Hing Sports Center in Tuen Mun. Photo: pof.org.hk, Apple Daily

A video clip of a woman mercilessly scolding a little girl in public was posted on social media, earning a flurry of reprovals from netizens.

The footage was taken by a high school student surnamed Cheng outside the government-run Tai Hing Sports Center in Tuen Mun around 11 a.m. Thursday.

Cheng said he saw the girl, who looks like only six years old, walking out of the sports center with a badminton racket in hand, followed by a woman, apparently her mother, who shouted at her, “You don’t concentrate when you are playing badminton! You go now and better not walk with me!”

Suddenly, the little girl turned around and knelt in front of her mother, bowing so low that her head touched the ground.

“I’m sorry, I know I should not have done so,” the girl cried.

However, the mother did not appear to be moved at all, not did she heed passersby who asked her to stop reprimanding the girl.

“Since you like looking around while you're playing badminton, you can just keep doing that,” the mother said.

Cheng said the mother finally dragged her daughter away after letting out her anger.

Some netizens said they saw the girl apologizing again to her mother later in a library.

Many netizens who saw the video commented that the woman was being cruel to her child.

They said a mother should not allow her child to kneel before her either in public or private as it would damage her self-respect.

Some netizens suspect the mother has trained her children to bow to the ground to admit their mistakes or say sorry as a way of imposing her power over them.

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