Men wear bra to protest woman's breast assault conviction

August 03, 2015 13:56
Protesters hand a petition to a policeman during Sunday's rally outside police headquarters in Wan Chai. Photo: SocRec

Dozens of supporters staged a rally outside police headquarters on Sunday to show their solidarity with a woman who was convicted last week of assaulting a policeman with her breasts.

They held placards saying "Breasts are not weapons" and "Shame on the police" and shouted slogans demanding respect for the female body.

The Breast Walk rally lasted two hours, with the protesters defying police warnings that the assembly was illegal, according to Apple Daily.

It followed the July 30 conviction of Ng La-ying, 30, in a case in which a magistrate ruled that she used her breasts to attack a policeman during a protest against parallel traders in Yuen Long in March.

She was sentenced to three months and 15 days in prison. Ng is appealing the conviction.

The protesters denounced the ruling as "shameful" and "illogical".

The men took off their shirts and put on bras to highlight their anger.

Luk Kit-ing, chairwoman of the Association for the Advancement of Feminism, said the decision is a big blow to all women and a step back in efforts to promote their participation in social issues.

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