Chinese writer hits ban on egg freezing

August 04, 2015 11:44
Unmarried women should be allowed to have their eggs frozen, say Xu Jinglei (inset, left) and Han Han
Photos: Baidu

Popular Chinese writer Han Han has criticized a government regulation banning unmarried women from having their eggs frozen for the purpose of preserving them for later fertilization, Ming Pao Daily reported on Tuesday.

“Why don’t women have the right to use their own eggs? Why can’t they exercise their own reproductive rights? Why must giving birth be tied to getting married with a man?” Han said on his Weibo account.

Han’s comments drew cheers from netizens. One of them, surnamed Zhu, said giving birth is a woman’s right and not granted by the government.

Although the ban was imposed by the Ministry of Health way back in 2001, it became widely known through a report by state television network CCTV through its official Weibo account on Sunday.

According to the regulation, single females are not allowed to undergo an operation to help them have a baby through the use of the so-called assisted reproductive technology.

The ban has prompted some unmarried women to use fake marriage certificates to have their eggs frozen.

Women who avail themselves of the hospital service are usually professionals who don't want to marry yet to be able to pursue their career. They plan to have babies later in life.

The subject of egg freezing has become a hot topic on social media after 41-year-old actress and film director Xu Jinglei revealed recently that she had her eggs frozen at a US hospital two years ago.

She said she intends to fertilize them once she decides to have babies in the future.

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