Fans up in arms over smudged Minions exhibit

August 04, 2015 16:06
Fans crowd around the Minions exhibit before the attack (left photo). The Minions characters are shown with smudged faces and bodies after the exhibition. Photos: Internet, Facebook

Angry fans are demanding action after an exhibit of popular characters from the animated movie Minions ended up being defaced.

They want New Town Plaza, the exhibition venue, to donate the figures or at least cover them, according to Headline Daily.

Netizens are accusing the venue operator of sloppy handling of the display and the production company of wanton vandalism.

The figures were spray-painted with black ink, purportedly to discourage theft.

The practice is common among exhibitors who don't want discarded displays to end up on the illegal market.

The cartoon characters from the prequel to the Despicable Me franchise had been a favorite backdrop for fan photos.

New Town Plaza said the exhibits cannot be given away because these are intellectual property.

It said it donated non-copyrighted displays to schools and charities in the past.

There are preset procedures for handling exhibits after a show, it said, adding it will look into other options in the future.

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