Turn Fanling golf course into housing project, villagers demand

August 17, 2015 10:11
The protesters said the Fanling golf course, which covers an area of 170 hectares, is as big as Tsuen Wan. Photo: Facebook

Scores of villagers from Northeast New Territories staged a protest at the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling on Sunday, demanding that the government redevelop the land into a public housing project instead of driving them out of their homes, Apple Daily reported on Monday.

“You allow bigwigs to play, leaving no more room for the grassroots to live in,” the villagers shouted.

They said the Fanling golf course should be taken over by the government to meet the housing needs of low-income groups in Hong Kong.

The golf course, which covers an area of 170 hectares, is as big as Tsuen Wan and can be redeveloped into a new town, the protesters said.

But instead, the government chose to convert their farms into two new towns, uprooting thousands of families from their villages, while maintaining the playground of only about 2,000 rich and influential people, they said.

Security guards at the golf course allowed the villagers to stage their protest, which lasted a couple of hours, but two policemen were called to monitor the situation.

No one was reported arrested.

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