Woman slammed for seeking to ban maids from using BBQ facilities

August 19, 2015 19:08
A woman draws censure from netizens for saying that maids should not be allowed to use the barbeque facilities in the clubhouse. Photos: Alex Pang, Vicky's blog

A woman living in a private residential estate in Ma Wan drew censure from fellow netizens after she posted a Facebook message suggesting that foreign domestic helpers be barred from using barbeque facilities in the clubhouse.

“I strongly oppose maids using the facilities in our clubhouse,” the woman surnamed Lau said in a message posted on a public group called “Ma Wan/ Park Island” over the weekend.

“They booked all the barbeque facilities next to mine and were making a lot of fun … making me extremely unhappy.”

She then suggested that the estate management bar the maids from using the facilities.

Her post drew a barrage of criticisms from other members of the Facebook group, with some accusing her of racial discrimination.

Some netizens explained that the maids are entitled to use the facilities as they live in the estate with their employers.

They said they found it strange that the woman censured the maids but did not raise a howl when outsiders book the barbeque stands in the name of friends who live in the estate.

But the woman was firm on her stand. She replied: “I really don’t like to use the clubhouse facilities together with some maids. So what? Any problem? If you guys like it, it’s your choice! My neighbor knows that I am living alone and very simple.”

Her comments went viral on the internet with some members of the Facebook group circulating them on local social forums.

Amid the heavy criticism, the woman later erased her messages. However, a netizen named Alex Pang reposted them with captured screen photos on Sunday evening.

Pang also posted a picture capturing a short message that is said to have been written by one of the domestic helpers involved.

The message reads: “We were with the whole family of our employer. It just happened that we are three helpers in one big family. I think posting that message is very rude. I feel sorry for you."

Commenting on the incident, one netizen said on Facebook that Lau is “just one bad seed in our society”, adding that there are lots of kind-hearted people in Hong Kong.

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