Kids targeted in unique animal rights awareness campaign

August 26, 2015 14:47
In a unique campaign, Mark Mak (right, seen holding mic) has asked children to experience what it feels to be a caged animal. Photo: Facebook

How does it feel to be locked up inside a small cage?

And if you have experienced that pain, would you not want to put an end to the suffering that many animals are put through? 

These are the questions raised by an animal rights activist in an innovative campaign to build public pressure against disturbing conditions at animal breeding farms. 

Mark Mak, chairman of the non-profit Veterinary Services Society, has invited children to experience the terrible situation that animals have to put up with at breeding farms.

He asked children to get locked up for a while in tiny enclosures so that they will get to know what it means to be a caged animal, Headline Daily reported.

The purpose is to let the children gain first-hand experience of the cruel treatment meted out to animals by breeders, he was quoted as saying.

The kids who volunteered for the experience were told that they could not cry for help. They were asked to stay in cages for five minutes, but some of them found it difficult to do so. 

Mak informed the kids that animals are being caged for as long as five years just for breeding purpose.

All the children who participated in the exercise got the message and vowed not to buy any pets from such breeding farms, the report said.

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