Beijing pulls out all stops to ensure perfect V-Day parade

September 02, 2015 09:44
Aircraft perform during a rehearsal for Thursday’s military parade in Beijing to commemorate China's victory over Japan during World War Two. Photo: Reuters

Chinese authorities are taking all possible measures to ensure a perfect setting for Thursday's military parade to commemorate victory over Japan 70 years ago in World War Two. 

To improve the air quality and ensure blue skies during the Victory Day parade, some factories around Beijing are reported to have been told to suspend production.

Among other measures, authorities have deployed macaques and falcons to make sure the skies over central Beijing are free of birds during the parade.

That will prevent birds from crashing into the engines of fighter jets taking part in a fly-past during the military parade.

Macaque monkeys have been trained to climb up trees and dismantle birds nests in advance of the parade, according to Chinese media.

In other measures to secure the skies, Beijing government has banned hot air balloons and hang gliders.

Meanwhile, residents living along Chang'an Avenue, a major road where the parade will take place, have been warned not to open their windows in the run-up to the parade.

More than 10,000 People's Liberation Army troops and 1,000 honor guards from 17 foreign countries will file past Mao Zedong's portrait in Tiananmen Square during the parade, which will be presided over by President Xi Jinping, BBC reported.

Nearly 200 aircraft will fly in formation over the crowds. Thirty heads of state and government leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, will attend the parade.

The government has issued guidance to the media that news and comments related to the parade must be "positive".

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