Woman loses cash, jewelry in burglary at luxury home

September 04, 2015 13:38
A luxury home in Residence Bel-Air where a burglary took place this week. Photo: HKEJ

Burglars broke into a luxury home in the Southern District on Wednesday and made away with valuables worth about HK$160,000, Ming Pao Daily News reported.

A 38-year-old businesswoman surnamed Wang who rented a property at Residence Bel-Air noticed that her safe was vandalized and that she couldn't open it.

Police were called in for inspection. The officers then found that there was a 15cm by 10cm hole at the back of the safe, and also discovered that the door lock at the kitchen was broken. 

According to the woman, about HK$30,000 in Hong Kong currency, 20,000 renminbi and around HK$100,000 worth of jewelry has gone missing.

Police have classified the case as burglary.

The luxury home was said to have been bought by a company in 2005 for over HK$70 million.

Going by the price commanded by a nearby house which was sold in the market earlier this year, the Bel-Air property has seen its value surge to over HK$200 million in a decade.

According to Chan Kwan-fong, operations director at safe manufacturer Safewell Equipment Ltd., the rear walls of many safes in the market are usually thinner than the sides due to welding issues.

Chan believes the burglars had good knowledge about safes as they made a hole at the rear.

A 50cm by 50cm safe would cost over HK$10,000 in the market now, Chan said.

But he added that prices can vary drastically, with factors like size, thickness, material, country of origin and international certifications playing a role.

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