Why the pet treatment market will grow further

September 07, 2015 12:48
Acupuncture is catching on with pet owners in Hong Kong. Photo: Internet

Pet-related products and services certainly have promising prospects in Hong Kong.

The city's pet population is estimated to have topped 400,000 in 2011, marking an increase of 40 percent over the level in 2006.

The growing pet number has led to a proliferation of businesses catering to the animals' needs - or in some cases, the owners' fancy -- on matters related to food, grooming and medical service.

One recent trend is the popularity of applying Chinese medicine to animal treatment. That is because some people believe that the medicine will have fewer side effects compared to the usual modern treatments.

Acupuncture is one of the therapies catching on with pet owners.

"The theory is basically the same; only that animals have different bone structure. So we need to identify the corresponding location of those energy spots by measuring their ribs and spines for example,” a veterinary physician told RTHK.

With some couples opting to raise pets instead of having kids, there is a desire to give their "babies" the best.

An acupuncture and spa treatment combo package can cost about HK$1,000 (US$128).

Death of pets can be heart breaking for the owners. By keeping the animals in good physical shape, some owners are hoping that the companions will live longer.

"My dog was not able to walk, now he has regained almost 80 percent of his ability, it’s all worth it," a pet owner exclaimed.

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