Taxi cheat caught red-handed by undercover cop

September 07, 2015 14:49
Police have been conducting spot checks on taxi drivers after complaints about overcharging. Photos: Bloomberg, Headline Daily

A taxi driver was arrested Sunday after charging an undercover policeman four times the normal rate.

The officer boarded the taxi in Central and asked to be brought to North Point.

He was charged HK$200 (US$28.80) for the 4.6-kilometer trip which normally costs HK$55, according to Headline Daily. 

The meter was not flagged down.

The 42-year-old taxi driver, surnamed Ko, was taken to a police station and his vehicle seized, pending further investigation.

Inspectors found safety issues with the taxi including broken seat belts    

On Aug. 29 a taxi driver was arrested after charging a plainclothes policemen twice the normal fare.

Police have been carrying out spot checks on taxis amid increasing public complaints.  

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