You don't find this every day on your motorcycle

September 09, 2015 14:47
A baby python is curled on the dashboard of a motorcycle (left photo). It was later caught unharmed by a snake expert. Photo: Apple Daily

A baby python was making itself at home on a parked motocycle when it was spotted in Happy Valley Tuesday morning.

The foot-long Burmese snake was caught unharmed, according to Apple Daily.

David Peatfield, 51, who works in the English Schools Foundation, found the python around 8 a.m. as he was about to ride his motorcycle to work.

It was curled on the dashboard under a canvas cover.

Peatfield reported the reptilian find to the police who called in a snake expert.

It took several minutes before the python was captured after it disappeared into a hole in the bike.

The expert confirmed it was a newborn python.

It will be released into the wild.

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