Truck driver falls into hole after Ngau Tau Kok road collapses

September 10, 2015 17:55
A Watsons Water delivery truck crashed into a hole as a section of a road collapsed in Ngau Tau Kok on Wednesday. A tow truck driver later fell into the hole. Photos: HKEJ, Apple Daily

A section of a road near a construction site in Ngau Tau Kok suddenly collapsed on Wednesday afternoon, causing a passing delivery truck to fall into the hole.

The driver of the Watsons Water delivery truck was unharmed and left the vehicle after it crashed into the muddy hole, which was around 5 meters long and 3 meters wide, on Hang Yip Street.

A tow truck driver surnamed Ng later arrived at the scene. But as he was trying to figure out how to extricate the truck from the hole, the road caved in further and sucked him into the cavity.

Several workers at the construction site came and used ropes and straps to pull him out.

Passersby also grabbed a large Watsons container from the delivery truck and used the water to clean him up.

Ng sustained minor bruises in his arms and legs, Apple Daily reported. He said he got a bit scared as the hole was deep and his feet couldn't touch the bottom. 

An ambulance arrived and paramedics administered first aid to the victim. But Ng refused to be taken to the hospital.

Pile driving and diggings were going on at the construction site when the incident happened.

The Highways Department has launched an investigation.

As of Thursday afternoon, workers from the department were seen fixing the road. The hole had been filled but a section of Hang Yip Street remained closed to public use.

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As of Thursday afternoon, the hole has been filled, but a section of Hang Yip Street remained closed to public use. Photo: EJ Insight