Wonder of wonders: Express delivery turns Xiaomi phone into rice

September 14, 2015 14:49
Liu (inset) was furious after her mother, to whom she sent a Xiaomi phone,received rice instead. Photo: Henan.163.com

A woman expecting to receive a Xiaomi smartphone from her daughter was shocked to see that the package contained not a new phone model but rice.

The daughter, surnamed Liu, sent the package through an express delivery service from Zhengzhou in Henan province as a gift to her mother living in Kaifeng in the same province, Ming Pao Daily said, citing a report from Henan Television.

Liu said she even took a photo of the phone as evidence before sending it through STO Express. But somehow the phone became rice upon arrival. 

The mix-up would make Chinese people smile as Xiaomi could mean millet or rice grains in Putonghua.

With no idea of what really happened, the express company, after negotiations, agreed to compensate Liu with 500 yuan (US$78.5) for her loss, up from the 50 yuan it originally offered.

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