Water samples from ESF schools have high lead content

September 14, 2015 17:18
Four out of  300 water samples from ESF schools have tested positive for elevated lead content. Photos: HKEJ, www.sis.edu.hk

Water samples from four schools run by the English Schools Foundation (ESF) have been found to contain excessive amounts of lead.

ESF collected more than 300 samples from its 21 schools this summer.

Samples from four schools had lead levels slightly above the Hong Kong government guidelines, ESF said in a statement. 

These are King George V School, Sha Tin College, South Island School and West Island School.

However, it said all other fresh water sources in these schools were within the guidelines.

Also, it has taken immediate steps to shut down the source of contaminated water while efforts are under way to ensure future supply is within safety standards.

"The health and safety of our children, and our staff, is always our number one priority," ESF said.

The lead contamination saga was exposed in July after water samples from Kai Ching Estate in Kowloon City were found to have excessive amounts of lead in independent tests.

Since then, many other public and private estates and local schools have reported traces of lead-tainted water.

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