Xi, Obama to announce new pledges on emission cuts

September 16, 2015 10:28
US President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will seek to expand bilateral cooperation when they meet on Sept. 25. Photo: Reuters

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama will announce new pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions during their meeting in Washington next week.

Beijing and Washington announced on Tuesday that cities, states and provinces in both countries would commit to taking parallel steps to address climate change, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The participating Chinese cities and provinces, which represent about 25 percent of total urban emissions in the country, will offer plans to have their emissions peak sooner than 2030, which is the national target.

Beijing and Guangzhou will aim for their peak emissions to come as early as 2020.

The US commitments are coming from states such as California and Connecticut and an array of cities including Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, Seattle, and Houston.

Climate officials and leaders from both countries are meeting in Los Angeles this week to lay out the steps the regions will take and to set the groundwork for next week’s summit between the two presidents.

Obama will host the Chinese leader for a state visit on Sept. 25, Reuters reported, citing a White House statement.

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