Two Jiangsu youngsters tried to sell kidneys to buy iPhone 6S

September 16, 2015 12:18
Two youngsters wanted so much to have their own iPhone 6S. So they talked to an organ trafficker (inset) to get the cash. Photos: Bloomberg,

Two post-90s men from Yangzhou in eastern China’s Jiangsu province tried to sell their kidneys to be able to buy the iPhone 6S.

The two youngsters wanted to have the latest Apple smartphone, which costs around 5,300 to 7,800 yuan (US$832-US$1,250) locally, but didn't have the cash to buy their units when they become available on Sept. 25, Apple Daily reported on Wednesday, citing a news story from YangTse Evening News.

So they contacted a trafficker of human organs online and inquired about selling their kidneys.

The trafficker told them a kidney "donation" could fetch between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan depending on the donor's blood type, and asked them to go to a hospital in Nanjing where a pre-surgery checkup would take place.

When they arrived at the hospital on Sept. 12, however, the dealer was nowhere to be found.

They again contacted the man online, and one of the two youngsters, surnamed Wu, demanded a deposit upfront. The dealer refused.

Wu decided to back out and tried to persuade his friend, surnamed Huang, against pushing through with the deal.

When Huang insisted on going on, Wu called the police for help. Huang got angry and ran away.

Police warned that selling kidneys for profit is not only illegal but very risky as well.

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