When a young man confronted Joshua Wong on an MTR train

September 16, 2015 16:24
Lau Ma-che has posted a video in which questions Joshua Wong over the 2014 Occupy protests. But he gets no sympathy from fellow train passengers. Photo: Facebook

If he was just aiming for some fresh attention from the online community, Lau Chun-hin has succeeded in his mission, even though he wouldn't be totally happy about the viewer response.

The 19-year-old online video enthusiast, who uses the nick name Lau Ma-che, uploaded a new clip on his Facebook page Tuesday, showing a chance encounter with student activist Joshua Wong on an MTR train.

In the video which has gone viral, Lau confronts Wong in a packed rail compartment and asks him how feels about his actions during last year's Occupy Movement.

Does he not regret that people's daily lives were affected due to the street blockades, the student activist is asked, among other questions.

When Wong doesn't respond, Lau says he would take it as a signal that Wong is accepting the blame.

Another topic raised was the allegation that Wong's actions were influenced by some foreign forces.

Wong remains silent but tells Lau to put away his mobile phone and stop filming.

Lau doesn't heed the request, opting to continue the video interrogation.  

Now some fellow passengers get annoyed and tell Lau to stop his activities.

“You are disturbing me. Can you keep quiet?” one man says, while another complains that Wong is causing obstruction on the train. 

Lau later posted the video online, saying he felt threatened by some passengers.

He claimed that he came across Wong by accident on the train and seized the chance to ask him some questions about the Occupy protests.

Wong later posted his own message online, saying that he chose not to respond to the questioner on the train as he believed it was the best thing to do under the circumstance.

If had made any comments, it would have only excited Lau further, Wong wrote, suggesting that Lau was merely seeking some attention.

Meanwhile, several netizens have slammed Lau for his conduct, describing his actions as stupid among other things, Apple Daily reported. 

According to some details that emerged on Lau, he was asked to join a reform center in 2013 after he admitted making an online video in which threatened a probation officer.

It is also said that he had been sent to a psychiatric hospital five times.

Lau does not belong to any anti-Occupy groups. In fact, he posted last year a picture of himself holding a yellow umbrella at an Occupy site. 

He said in a previous interview that he intends to create a buzz on the internet in order to draw in more viewers for his videos.

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Lau keeps uploading videos on YouTube and commenting on various social issues. Last year he posted a picture of himself in an Occupy site. Photo: Facebook