Man arrested after threatening to throw son off balcony

September 18, 2015 15:00
Leung lives with his two children (inset) in this tower on Robinson Road in the Mid-Levels. Photos: Google Maps, Sing Tao Daily

A 42-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of child abuse at his home on Robinson Road in the Mid-Levels, after he threatened to throw his son off the balcony, Sing Tao Daily reported Friday.

The suspect, surnamed Leung, is a divorced father of two children, aged seven and five.

Leung's ex-father-in-law is reportedly a well-known local businessman who owns a football club.

The suspect, who is unemployed, lives in a luxury flat with the children, while his ex-wife lives with her family in two other flats in the same building.

Leung reportedly quarrelled with his ex-wife Wednesday night over their son’s homework.

The father then hit the boy on his abdomen and held him up toward the balcony, threatening to throw him from the flat for refusing to complete his homework.

The child’s grandmother called police, who arrived at the flat armed with shields.

The boy was taken to hospital for examination.

Leung was arrested and released later on bail.

His ex-father-in-law said it was a personal matter between his daughter and her ex-husband and refused to comment further.

Social workers said parents should be patient with their children. Raising kids is like long-distance running, they said.

If parents feel helpless when communicating with their children, they said, they can reach out to social workers or other professionals for help.

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