Cats found dead inside bags left outside animal welfare group

September 24, 2015 13:25
Cat Society has called for police assistance after staff found a nylon bag with dead and dying cats delivered to the office. Photos: Metro Daily, Facebook

A cat and her four kittens were found inside nylon bags on the doorstep of the office of Cat Society (Hong Kong) Ltd., a volunteer group providing shelter for stray and unwanted cats, in To Kwa Wan.

The mother cat and two of her two-month-old kittens apparently died from suffocation, while the other two were barely breathing, Metro Daily reported on Thursday, citing a statement from the group.

Cat Society condemned the move as “stupid and cruel” on its Facebook page.

Staff found a big nylon bag placed in front of the office on Wednesday afternoon. When they opened it, they found the five cats stuffed in three smaller nylon bags.

The big bag had been closed tightly, allowing no room for air.

“There was no air and it was suffocatingly hot inside the bags,” according to the Facebook post. “The three cats died in pain with twisted limbs, their mouths wide open. Apparently they were trying to breathe.

“Their body temperature was very hot. They were still soaked in sweat.”

According to Chan Ling-yee, a member of the group, Cat Society does not have full-time staff, only volunteers who work in shifts.

People should only send cats to the society when volunteers are on duty, the group said.

The society has reported the case to the police and will review its CCTV footage to find out who abandoned the cats.

Under the law, anyone who abandons animals could face a maximum penalty of HK$10,000 fine and six months imprisonment.

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