Military figures in shopping mall draw fire from critics

September 24, 2015 13:48
The figures depicting PLA soldiers were moved to the first-floor lobby (inset) from a staircase. Photos: Apple Daily,

Three life-size figures of People's Liberation Army troops in Cheung Sha Wan Plaza have failed to stir Hongkongers' patriotism but attracted criticism instead, some seeing them as an eyesore, Apple Daily reported Thursday.

The figures of soldiers from the army, navy and air force are there as part of celebrations of National Day, Oct. 1, a member of the staff at the shopping mall’s management office said.

They were originally mounted on a staircase before being moved to the first-floor lobby.

The newspaper's reporters failed to detect much of a response to the figures from shoppers, except some children who reached out to touch them occasionally.

One shopper said putting the figures there is acceptable but he was concerned that some young children might be frightened because they look scary.

Netizens criticized the figures, one saying they have turned the shopping mall into a place like the “House of Wax”, as seen in the thriller movie of the same name.

Another wrote: “Since when has Hong Kong become like North Korea?”

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